Text Banking

Instant Answers When You Need Them

Enable Text Access

Access to your financial information has never been easier! Enable text access to your Sprig wallet, and you can access your info by sending a text message to 40293.

  1. Log into your wallet
  2. Click "Mobile"
  3. Then "Add A Mobile Phone"

Get Started

Text Banking is

Fast & Easy

View up-to-the-minute account balances

Text "BAL" to 40293 and Sprig sends your account balances faster than you can say :-)

Check to see if a specific item has cleared your account

Text "HIST" plus a suffix and Sprig sends the last five transactions straight to your phone, so you can see which items have cleared.

View Loan Information

Text "LOAN" plus a suffix and Sprig sends amount due, next due date, and loan balances back in a snap.

Perform Instant Transfers

Text "TRAN" plus an amount and Sprig guides you through the process of transferring funds from one account to another.

Text Banking

All Commands

Keyword Description
BAL Text "bal" to receive a list of your accounts and suffixes with their current available balances.
HELP Text "help" to receive a list of keywords and their functionality.
HIST Text "hist {account suffix}" to receive a list of recent transactions on that account. Example: "hist 10"
LIST Text "list" to receive a list of your account suffixes with their associated account types.
LOAN Text "loan {account suffix}" to receive details on your loan, such as the next payment due date. Example: "loan 1"
STOP Text "stop" to deactivate your account. You will no longer have access to Text Banking until you register again.
TRAN Text "tran {amount to transfer}". You do not need to include dollar signs or decimals. You will be prompted to enter the accounts to transfer from and to. Transfers by text are only allowed between suffixes on the same credit union account/membership. We're working on adding cross-account transfers in the future.
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