Mobile Deposit

Deposit Checks with your Phone


  • 24/7 convenience – Deposit checks anytime - anywhere
  • Safe and secure – fully encrypted image transmission
  • Save time – Save yourself a trip to the branch, and no deposit slips to fill out!
  • It's FREE – Download the Sprig Mobile app for free, and use it for free (Carrier data plan fees may apply)
How to

Make A Deposit

Mobile Deposit Successfully Sent

Log into the Sprig Mobile App on your phone and deposit a check in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Choose destination account
  2. Enter amount of check
  3. Take photos of the signed check
  4. Tap “Deposit Check” button

Items submitted are reviewed for accuracy before posting to shared branch network.

Items are usually posted within a few hours if submitted before 3:00 PM PST


Check Images

The image must contain a readable, MICR line, Check number, Endorsement, Payee name, Character (numeric) Amount of the Check and Legal Amount of the Check.

Important: To ensure your privacy and security, please follow endorsement guidelines.

Sprg Mobile Deposit

After you deposit

  • You will receive notification when your check has posted, or you can check your deposit status.
  • If your check cannot be posted for some reason, we may ask you to submit the check again. Do so only if requested.
  • Once you have received a confirmation email that the check has posted, write DEPOSITED and the date across the top half of the face of the check.
  • Keep your check for 60 days after it has posted to your account.
  • Securely destroy the check 60 days after it has posted to your account.

Have questions or need assistance? Call us at (888) 221-9660. Or email us at

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