Moving money couldn’t be easier!

Sending money to anyone is easier and faster than ever with P2P Payments in Sprig. You can send money from your credit union account to another person’s credit union account in Real-time. All you need is their name, credit union and email address or mobile number to move your money to their account.

Text Banking

Your enrollment in Sprig includes automatic enrollment in Text Banking. So whether you want to use the Sprig app, or just want to Text Bank---Sprig gives you the option you want. If you don’t have a mobile number registered, set one up today to start using text banking.


Sprig lets you easily manage multiple accounts in one place. Get your account balances, transaction history, and even make instant transfers and payments. Use Sprig on the go by installing the Sprig app on your mobile device.


Sprig Mobile Deposit puts a branch right in your pocket. Make deposits in seconds with just a few simple steps


Mobile App

Sprig Mobile App

Access your wallet with the Sprig Mobile App!

Make loan payments, see if a check has cleared, and more! All from your mobile phone. Interact with hundreds of financial institutions on your mobile device or tablet. Sprig apps are available for Android or iOS devices, including iPad!

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Deposit Checks

Need to deposit a check? Instead of driving to a branch, just reach for your phone! Use the Sprig app to capture the front and back of your check and submit your deposit . Anytime-- anywhere.

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P2P Payments

Have you ever wanted to send money to a friend or family member in the simplest, quickest way possible? With just their name, credit union and email address or mobile number, you can send money online or with your mobile device.

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Sprig is

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

Sprig Mobile Apps and the Sprig Online website adhere to federally regulated audit standards for both physical and electronic security and intrusion detection.

Sprig uses industry approved security methods to protect your information. 256-bit SSL Encryption end-to-end, combined with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Sprig is a free service that provides an entirely new way to access your accounts.